Training Sessions
Heart&Sole Running Group was set up to enable runners of all abilities to participate and join a friendly running group, to enable you to get fitter and achieve your aims. Assisted by a good background support network and with qualified leadership, mentoring and advice.

Each session is designed to be accessible for all abilities and is aimed at each level of fitness. Training the different disciplines of running including speed work, efforts, hill work, long distance and Fartlek. 

Each aspect is designed to improve your running ability and make you the best you can be.

We use range of outdoor locations each with differing challenge levels but all good fun. Please always check our Facebook page to confirm where the session will be held. All sessions are open to all to join.

Monday - evenings 7pm - 8pm  (during the summer) Trail Body Smash, off road training in the beautiful Firehills

Tuesday - evenings 7pm - 8pm Grosvenor Gardens at the end of St Leonards seafront (we do move this session about so please always check)

Wednesday - evenings 6pm - 7pm Team Bird training session Grosvenor Gardens St Leonards

Thursday - evenings 7pm - 8pm Grosvenor Gardens St Leonards

Sunday - mornings 9am meet at Sandwich King on The Ridge Hastings a good trek round the lanes

Additionally we  can provide any of the following in various forms but if you have a specific requirement then everything can be adapted.

1-2-1 personal run sessions  - With 1-2-1 training you can achieve so much more, I can look at goal setting on a case by case basis and tailor your training to what you want to achieve both long term and short term. This is ideal if there is a specific race or idea you have in your head to complete.

Small group sessions to keep costs down - This package is perfect for those that cant afford 1-2-1 sessions but have a few friends who want to do the same as them. Ideally no more than 3 in a group to allow full dedication from the coach. Message to discuss whats available.

Training plan advice, development and guidance/ support.

Nutrition advice and guidance.

Two Race teams one competitive and one fun run team.

Coaching using recognised coaching methods to enable Goal setting.

Additional training sessions in all forms to assist with running fitness.

Our price list is Here

As my Husband says, no plan ever survives first contact, but with correct planning and preparation anything is achievable. 

I can help you be the best you want to be.