Just a normal mum
Honestly, Until 2011 when I lived in Germany, I had never really run ever in my life. This was until my husband went away for almost 8 months with the Army.

While he was away the running bug took hold, a group of us with buggies and some without would go for a run straight after dropping kids at school, it just developed and  I started to realise that I was actually getting some benefit from it. I was losing weight quickly after having our 2nd baby and my running speed was getting faster.

I continued running when we moved back to UK in 2012 and apart from a gap when I had our 3rd child I haven't really stopped.

In 2015 I had an amazing year  doing 28 events in 6 months for Cancer Research, ranging from 5K races through to Obstacle Course Races and Half Marathons. This took a massive toll mentally and physically, had a lot of ups but also a lot of downs but it gave me a wealth of lessons and skills in the ups and downs of running and fitness.

This year (2017) I decided that I wanted to give something back to a sport I have grown to love. I wanted to provide a service for those who want to get fitter, offer motivation for those that had never made that leap to start running and build a community where there is a full support network to help people achieve their goals. I completed my Run Leader Course and have just completed a level 2 Nutrition Course and am looking to further myself in this field.

So here I am, in the 1st year of Heart&Sole Running Group, I am still learning but hopefully I will end up doing people proud and help them achieve more than they ever thought possible.